Data types for storing currency in web/desktop software development

MySQL is one of the most used database engine for web and desktop applications. In many software applications, storing currency is a must. For some other applications, the numbers need to store for scientific calculations. For currency, obviously we need 2 precision but for scientific calculations we may need more precisions. 

There are main two candidates for the above purposes. 


We need to know what are the basic differences between the above two. What is the best place to look at? MySql documentation.

Specifying separate php.ini/php5.ini files for each hosted website - GoDaddy, Php 5.3

Some times we need to specify a different php5.ini for each of our hosted websites. Some web hosts allow only to keep one php5.ini at the very top root for the master domain. Then add-on domains (allocated to sub directories) may not keep php5.ini in their own root directories. (Of course we can keep the file but server does not parse them).

The solution I found to overcome this problem is to use .user.ini files.

This feature came with Php 5.3.

Step 1

In root directory php5.ini

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